Motor Vehicle Academy ​Driving School in Annapolis


1398 Cape Saint Claire Road, Annapolis, MD, 21409

Why Do I Need Drivers Education?

Motor Vehicle Academy, LLC Drivers Education teaches the Maryland State Driver Education Certification program primarily for new drivers. This course is required and mandated by the State of Maryland. Upon completion of this MVA-certified 36 hour course, you will be eligible to obtain a provisional driver's license in the State of Maryland.

​What Does the Course Include?

The course includes 30 hours of Classroom instruction (10 sessions/3 hours each) and 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction.

Classroom Instruction includes:
- Intro to Drivers Ed, State licensing requirements & the Maryland Graduated      Licensing System (GLS)
- Intro to Operator & Vehicle control tasks
- Signs, Signals, Pavement Markings & Highway Transportation System
- Space Management System
- Risk Management & Driver Distraction
- Basic Maneuvering Tasks
- Multi-lane Expressways & Strategies for Sharing the Road
- Environmental Conditions that affect safe vehicle operation
- Vehicle functions and malfunctions and collision reporting
- Personal factors influencing operator performance (Drugs & Alcohol)

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction includes:
- 3 Sessions (2-hrs/each)
       1.) ​Preparing to Drive, Basic Maneuvering Skills (Neighborhoods & Back Roads)
       2.) Intermediate Driving Skills (City & Highway)
       3.) Advanced Driving Skills (Parking & Test-Prep)
- One on one instruction for individualized student needs